What are the benefits of learning in an automatic?

  If, for whatever reason, you’re having problems learning to use a manual gearbox, opting to get an automatic licence could get you on the road faster. It can be frustrating to keep spending money on manual lessons and losing confidence, when you could skip that part of the syllabus altogether.

            And while there are plenty of arguments for learning in a manual, nearly every car is available with an automatic gearbox. They might be slightly more expensive, but realistically your choice will help you to pass a lot quicker and is unlikely to be significantly limited by availability of an automatic gearbox.


 What if I want to upgrade to manual licence?

Upgrading from automatic to a full Category B licence is relatively straightforward. You don’t need to apply for a new provisional licence – instead, you can start learning straight away using your existing licence. You also don't need to pass theory test again and if you fail your practical test you can continue to drive automatics on your existing licence.


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